Simply Bee Creativity

Take some time for yourself, return to your senses, your body, your own rhythms and intuitive knowing with Marsha Roo at the Hummingbird studio.

One on One    $40 hour
Half day:   Gold Leaf Muse    $100
One day: Translucent Priestess    $175
Two Day : The Flow into the Feminine Heart    $250
6 wk course,  Tuesdays 9-11    $350

Open studio                                      variable

Simply Bee Weekend Retreat    $350
----Exploring the Sacred Feminine
----Yoga, meditation, journaling, painting.

*All materials included   Trades/ sliding scale considered

Ode To The Moon

On clear full-moon nights I leave the curtains open. Her soft translucent light shines through all three windows —one from the west, and two from the north— Each time I surface in sleep, there she is generously sharing her soft beauty with my troubled heart.

She quietly teaches essentials with her soft light while humanity’s hardened habits dismiss. My heart squeezes in grief.

And then … from the window … The Peace in her Beauty softens my fear. The Power in her simplicity realigns my heart. I feel my essential nature rising miraculously in the midst of human greed, chaos, and confusion.

I am moved as one with the translucent light shining through the windows. Gratitude spills abundantly from my heart, coming to rest at the feet of her majestic Beauty.

by Laura Madsen


What stood out for me, was how incredibly accepting Marsha was of my process, my thoughts and ideas. She was ready to offer ideas, but took whatever idea I had and helped me develop it. Marsha's whole-hearted presence, depth of wisdom culled from decades of spiritual practice combined with her skill as an artist resulted in a very powerful process and piece of art that I love. My painting is my muse. It is multi-layered and I feel blessed by the archetypal images that arose. - Ocean, Victoria, BC

Marsha began the workshop with a guided journey into a forest to meet the person I was going to paint. I met a dear friend who had passed away a year ago. The visit was very reassuring to me and confirmed some of my core beliefs about life and death. The painting experience was freeing. Initially we covered the canvas with finger painting which was always my favourite as a child.Marsha was always present and encouraging. She offered good advise and suggestions. She helped me with the profile and developing her expression. Her experience as a painter and teacher made the process flow and was such an enjoyable experience. Lucille, Gabriola Island, BC

I am astounded by how meaningful as well as fun I found this intentional creativity with Marsha Donner to be. She has the artist’s skill as well as the artist’s patient and loving heart to guide everyone, step by amazing step, into the creation of beauty that flows out and celebrates each individual expression. I have my three paintings on my wall and I ponder them everyday for the beautiful urgings and messages they convey to me about my own mystery. What a wonderful surprise to participate and receive so much back. I love Marsha’s work!  -  Carol Stewart, Nelson, BC