The Swans, Creativity and Change at the Hummingbird Studio

A few days ago I was sitting by our big windows in the sun and 4 white swans floated down over our house and landed right in front…just a few minutes later, 20 more arrived. I was mesmerized feeling deeply touched by the grace and timing of it all because……

Mike and I were at that moment talking to a realtor to sell our home, Yes!! We Are Moving to the Comox Valley on July 13th. We will rent a little home in the co housing community in Courtney ( So I suppose you could the say that the Swans blessed us. I am delighted to share that my daughter will be joining us there next spring or summer which was a huge piece of this puzzle for me. I am excited to say the least.

My offering to paint with you has been late in coming because of all the factors in play and I needed to slow it down to digest. I am grateful to have had time to paint with each of you and I feel like I can almost remember each painting you created….. So much heart in each one. Please know how deeply nourishing facilitating these weekends have been for me and maybe I will get to see you one more time.


April 27-29th

Mandala Mediation with Jen Metta Smith and Marsha Roo.
I may begin a bigger mandala for myself that will hold my process around the move on which I will add to it when I feel the need to unload, understand or be mindless. I will facilitate but there will be lots of time for you to do your own thing also. You will have a 20x20 canvass unless you bring a different size.

May 25-27th

Our Lady of the Flowers : this will be the about flowers…its about time to celebrate the beauty of spring (finally) and the great Mother….Maybe big flowers like Georgia O'Keeffe's with you or some symbol of you standing within…or just a portal, a garden where she is adoring and being adored.

June 29-1st

We will see what happens. Many blessings my creative friends looking forward to seeing you Marsha

And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything?
And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?
And have you changed your life?
excerpt from The Swan by Mary Oliver.


NO Painting Experience Necessary   The ‘Colour of Woman’ method is a guided journey which includes a natural flow of steps that lead to an amazing painting of an archetypal aspect of yourself. The process is insightful, mindful and joyful for anyone who is willing to say YES.

Reciprocity for Hummingbird Studio offerings
Each weekend is $150 with all materials provided. After 3 courses you get the fourth for $50. I am open to trades and scholarships. Please inquire at 250-825-4441. We hold the courses at my home on the lake on the North Shore at 3 and 1/2 mile. Our small group gathering shares potluck lunches.


My experience with Marsha Roo has been truly amazing. Roo is such a kind and generous teacher.  I feel as though she helps me move beyond doubt and fear to allow the juicy creative process to unfold.  I'm astounded at what emerges with each painting session.  -  Anni Muhlegg, Pass Creek, BC

It has been a remarkable blessing, and true honour, to have Marsha Donner as a painting mentor. The depth of her experience with intentional creativity and the medium of paint and canvas are a rare gift. I feel so fortunate to be able to paint and learn from someone who is so experienced, inspiring, and kind. I wholeheartly recommend anyone who is called to healing and transforming through creative expression to work with Marsha. I hope that the two years I have spent learning from her are the beginning of a much greater and longer learning. I feel like I have barley scratched the surface of her wisdom and the beauty I can paint into being in her presence!  -  Robin Flynn, Nelson, BC

I am astounded by how meaningful as well as fun I found this intentional creativity with Marsha Donner to be. She has the artist’s skill as well as the artist’s patient and loving heart to guide everyone, step by amazing step, into the creation of beauty that flows out and celebrates each individual expression. I have my three paintings on my wall and I ponder them everyday for the beautiful urgings and messages they convey to me about my own mystery. What a wonderful surprise to participate and receive so much back. I love Marsha’s work!  -  Carol Stewart, Nelson, BC