Hummingbird Studio Summer/Fall Calendar

Current Offerings

Each opportunity to gather in a community and create beauty together feels very precious to me. Experience the joy of painting with acrylics, follow the steps to create a meaningful work of art and all the while you will be transforming the belief that art is for the gifted, YOU are the gifted.
See details for the weekends on my website: Save the dates now.

Our Gypsy Heart September 15th-17th
Let’s do some excavating…
Within every woman is a wild gypsy soul
Weaving magic & alchemy, she is rooted in her Knowing
She excavates hidden treasures from her soul and transmutes them into Gold
She is a glorious force of nature
She IS nature!
At this moment …what I know is that she is dancing and there is fire, gold, freedom and beauty!

Mystical Mandala September 22-23rd with Jen “Metta” Smith and Roo as your guides.

Download (PDF, 220KB)

Landscape October 20th-22nd
We will be painting a landscape using the Intentional Creative framework . I just completed a tree in the Group of Seven style, wild colour, interesting shapes plus a background with the flower of life showing through. I loved painting that tree and then the sky and then the water…Wow so much to learn about the movement of the elements. I felt so joyful to be with each of my precious elemental friends. This will be new for me and I feel excited for this adventure into landscape painting.

Deer Heart Medicine Woman November 10th-12th
Susan Boulet painted several pictures of women with the antlers…a beautiful balance acknowledging the masculine and feminine within…the gentle wisdom that effective leadership is imbued with. Add all the totems you desire that support you on your path to Self.

Landscape by Mary Olivier (excerpt)

Every morning I walk like this around
the pond, thinking: if the doors of my heart
ever close, I am as good as dead.

Every morning, so far, I’m alive. And now
the crows break off from the nest of the darkness
and burst up into the sky, as though

all night they had thought of what they would like
their lives to be and imagined
their strong, thick wings.

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Love Marsharoo

I am available for mentoring small groups and individuals on Tuesday's, plus
I have an open studio where you are welcome to come and paint :
Mandala’s with meaning
New paintings using the Colour of Woman Process or your own.

Cost 25$ plus cost of canvas: per painting if you use my materials.

Winter months: chasing the sun and warmth. See you next spring again!

NO Painting Experience Necessary   The ‘Colour of Woman’ method is a guided journey which includes a natural flow of steps that lead to an amazing painting of an archetypal aspect of yourself. The process is insightful, mindful and joyful for anyone who is willing to say YES.

Reciprocity for Hummingbird Studio offerings
Each weekend is $150 with all materials provided. After 3 courses you get the fourth for $50. I am open to trades and scholarships. Please inquire at 250-825-4441. We hold the courses at my home on the lake on the North Shore at 3 and 1/2 mile. Our small group gathering shares potluck lunches.


My experience with Marsha Roo has been truly amazing. Roo is such a kind and generous teacher.  I feel as though she helps me move beyond doubt and fear to allow the juicy creative process to unfold.  I'm astounded at what emerges with each painting session.  -  Anni Muhlegg, Pass Creek, BC

It has been a remarkable blessing, and true honour, to have Marsha Donner as a painting mentor. The depth of her experience with intentional creativity and the medium of paint and canvas are a rare gift. I feel so fortunate to be able to paint and learn from someone who is so experienced, inspiring, and kind. I wholeheartly recommend anyone who is called to healing and transforming through creative expression to work with Marsha. I hope that the two years I have spent learning from her are the beginning of a much greater and longer learning. I feel like I have barley scratched the surface of her wisdom and the beauty I can paint into being in her presence!  -  Robin Flynn, Nelson, BC

I am astounded by how meaningful as well as fun I found this intentional creativity with Marsha Donner to be. She has the artist’s skill as well as the artist’s patient and loving heart to guide everyone, step by amazing step, into the creation of beauty that flows out and celebrates each individual expression. I have my three paintings on my wall and I ponder them everyday for the beautiful urgings and messages they convey to me about my own mystery. What a wonderful surprise to participate and receive so much back. I love Marsha’s work!  -  Carol Stewart, Nelson, BC