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My painting began as an exciting personal tool for integration into wholeness using the mandala. Over time, I have continued to explore and develop as an artist, finding less structured ways to express my soul's journey.

As a lifelong teacher, it came naturally to lead workshops so others could work with the mandala form as well. Painting with others also created heart-centred community experiences which I deeply value.

This artful journey has lead me to create ARTFUL SOLUTIONS as an answer to my longing to contribute more actively to a new world story of peace and unity.  I was so inspired by reading “Three Cups Of Tea” by By Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, that I now donate all my profit from the sale of My art and my greeting cards to the Central Asia Institute which builds schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Contributing in this way satisfies an ache in my heart and is part of a life long work in progress. I feel very grateful to all those who have encouraged and supported me along my path.

I want to thank Wendy B. who created www.artfromourhearts.org, she got me started in using my art to support a new story for human-kind.