Art is my delight. I know creativity is essential for my well being and I believe this is probably true for everyone. Though not formally trained, I began painting Mandalas when I was 50 years old. While creating my first Madonna Mandala I felt the vibrancy of color flow into my being, showing me a way to share my voice.

Those years ago, I paint for many reasons: to contemplate, to create beauty, to connect with others, to vision, to integrate and to transform. Art is a master teacher. I learn something new with every creation and with every class I take and each that I teach.

I have facilitated painting experiences for 20 years now in Canada and the US. Many people have opened their own creative expression by beginning with the simple forms that I have taught over these years. I love to watch the joy on beginning paintersfaces when they break through the belief that they cant paint.

A significant turning point in my life was becoming a facilitator of Intentional Creativity in 2015, Inspired by Shilo McCloud. The Colour of Woman training provided a wonderful framework to bring women together in a circle, to support growth in our lives, to honour the sacred and to create beauty. I felt like I had found a place to share my gifts with others which was very liberating for me.

In 2019 I felt a strong desire to join in Flora Aubes facilitator training in the Art of Allowing. Floras devotion to the divine feminine and her loving connection to this intuitive creative process has deeply affected my approach to facilitation and to my own art. I feel I can be more fully myself, that I can rest in the trust that beauty and expression will unfold. The allowingprocess is spacious and flowing; there is a generosity in this environment where each one develops a beautiful relationship with her own divine feminine.

I have been learning from Thomas Huble my spiritual teacher, that healing happens when all is welcomed: every feeling, thought and sensation in the body, every reaction, everything. I am now part of The Timeless Wisdom Training, a 2 year commitment where I practice meditation and transparent communication( an art of contemplative communication). I am learning new compassion for all that goes into making up myselfand I will bring that quality to all who join me to paint.

So, art for me is a form of meditation, a spiritual practice that allows me to slow down, to feel my body and be available for what ever wants to emerge. It is a beautiful vehicle for connecting with myself and others.

I am also grateful to have a generous and loving partner for 35 years and a creative joy- bundle of a daughter with whom I will be creating workshops with for young women; to support them so that love and self expression can flow more freely for them too.

Deep gratitude to the earth mother, the sacred feminine principle which is everywhere!

Blessed Be!

I Come From Beauty

I curated this show that was held at the Old Church Hall on the corner of Kootenay and Victoria, in Nelson, BC in September 2016.