The Muse:  She Who Travels in Deeper Currents
Dear Roo,
 I'm your Wild Card.. your get out of Jail Card.
I've always been here, a voice nudging you to Stay Inside your own experience
.If you listen deeply
        I whisper   CREATE....vulnerable Darling Girl.
   That is the answer for you....Sweet One.
        I rant at times, its true...pouring out Sparks, Lava and  Lemonade
.Create no matter what !!!!  Create Mindfully!!!!  Create to Change!!!
  you Wild Revolutionary Spirit that you are,Roo!
I have been known to SHOUT... Wake Up Sleepy One!..
 that is when all that Anger Flares Up..
The Grief and Hopelessness Show their True Colors.
It's intense I know,
  but REMEMBER Brave Dragon Heated Woman
 this is your Voice of Profound Connection to it all..
your Uniqueness crying out LOUD
  Your Heart Crying
Whew !!!  now you are awake ..
  and Now we are Face to Face  ..Get used to it!
   Put it all on the canvas  LOVER of BEAUTY!!!  
Travel with Me to the Deeper Currents
where the Soul Fire awaits YOUR command.
Enjoy the ride of this Wild Fire.... Kick Ass Life!
   Take Chances!  Make Choices to Change and Embrace it all.
          Any questions????Keep Them Coming
 ... MORE THAN OK  with ME…Lots to explore in this short earth life.
Finally I ask you to Teach...
That will make a difference in you…..
 Meanwhile and always…
 I will keep telling your that
Your Voice is Lovely   Roo Baby