There is Room for us all!”  Our Queen Declares.
In the next few days
We will pack up a few beliefs that clutter the entry to our Heart.
So  that we can glimpse the vast mystery of who we are.
“There is room for us all!” whispers a voice within….that is the voice we will pay attention to.”
Each budding artist begins to unfold their mystery on canvas.

One Beloved declares I don’t like Her! 
Her eyes are wide with wonder and her smile is like sunshine, so sweet.
Who then suddenly exclaims, “I get it! I get it!” I can do this!  One step at a time!”…
As she discovers that her landscape has sprouted
orange and yellow dots, dragonflies…and a cosmos full of stars.
It’s her maiden voyage…….

         Another embraces her broken ness.  
             “What does that mean!”.. jarring something within just to hear this ones declaration.
So sincere her call to heal. the universe can’t help but respond.
       A deep violet wash takes Her Queen behind the veils,
   “I feel so Free,”  her heart cries out courageously.
Another, Observes carefully,
building a structure for the heart to emerge…
                           One solid enough to hold the emerging jewel of her Queen.
She’s on her own timing.
 …like a baby bird emerging from the egg.
Tentative…. and yet so Persistent, teasing out her passion.

one beloved plays with surrender
such a beautiful mystery is unveiled in the very beginning,
…”We could just stop here!” But she lets go and it all disappears.
New Colours emerge… so soft and textured.. another painting emerges.
Again she lets it go….with natural grace. 
The Queen Knows change and beauty are the same
As this artist says innocently.   “Ok, What’s next?”

Another one quietly listens to her Queen,
feeling the embrace of the wholeness unfolding,
Little details can’t help but appear even though the steps say it isn’t time.
Each layer of flowers, leaves or stars lingers a little behind the next layer…
She can’t help but bring it all in at once..  It is her timing,
Her Queen becomes more luminous. Her Domain abundant,
  She remains Profoundly connected to it all.

There is room for this Beloveds passion.
Exploding from the sweetness, every colour erupts from the fiery sun!
Her paintbrush moves like wildfire, 
knowing all may seem chaotic, but trusting something in her
just wait… just wait…..It’s coming together”!
In the next moment, the environment is filled with stardust                  ----          and out of that explosion arises
A Queen so lovely the artist’s heart stretches to own that perfection.
WE are full spectrum Women able to do so much every day.  With just a flick of our paintbrush something disappears and another gem appears.  How do we wield our power how do we hold so much in our hearts with out a circle to support that opening.
 We are refugees of a broken structure somehow, that we don’t even want to mend anymore.  We gather and explore possibilities away from roles and confining definitions. Creative Freedom is our Queens Degree, which fills our hearts with new energy mysteriously pulsing out into the world.
WE all just want to create a new fresh landscape that has room for us all.